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Launch technologies south africa head office


is the sole authorized importer of Launch products in South and Southern Africa and provide in-house sales and service on all Launch products imported and sold by Launch Technologies or Launch Technology approved agents and/or distributors.

LAUNCH TECHNOLOGIES SA sells and distributes car diagnostic machines, car lifts and garage equipment at market favourable prices.


One of the most incredible benefits of buying garage equipment from Launch SA is that it’s a one stop hub for auto diagnostic products and services, wheel aligning and balancing machine, tyres changers, two and four post vehicle lifts, compressors and many more equipment for your car and workshop. The business strategy behind one stop shop is to provide convenience and efficiency to Launch SA clients. Buying all your garage equipment under one roof comes with so many benefits which includes price specials and discounts.


It’s a huge win to buy car diagnostic tools from Launch SA the machines are at OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards. In other words, the durability Launch diagnostic products are not only of good quality but are also durable. The machine, therefore, comes with value and an extensive lifespan.


Simply put Launch Technologies SA is the best distributor of car diagnostic machines, wheel and tyre services because it is an already established brand with proven record of product dependability and durability.

In simpler terms the company offers at market favourably cost a business that’s ready to generate income. You don’t have to do anything, the business, website, content, stock and every other thing is created from start to finish.

All you need do is turn in the key and start generating income.

Many small and medium business have faced challenges of buying workshop equipment like car lifts only to realise that their space or workshop is not compatible with product.

Under this business model you guaranteed that all your workshop equipment and workspace will be compatible given there are trained personnel on the ground to set everything up.


Vehicle lifts are one of the most useful items that you can have in your workshop or even your home garage.

Knowing how to use a car lift and how to safely install it are two entirely different things, hence most garage owners have had trouble with installation or have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for someone else to do it.

So the truth of the matter is you need professional help to install your garage equipment.

When you buy garage equipment such as vehicle lifts, wheel aligning and balancing machines from LaunchSA, there is a professional team ready to install for you at favourable cost of course.

To make it more interesting there is always a special package promotion where the company offers training to your workshop crew on how to safely and efficiently use car lifts, car diagnostic tools, wheel balancing and aligning machines as well as proper maintenance of the equipment.

After training a certificate is awarded to the client.


For 22 years Launch Technologies SA prides itself on being the sole legitimate importer of all ‘Launch’ products that manufactured in China.

Launch is a very established and trustworthy brand with a product range includes vehicle lifting, engine management, diagnostics, and wheel service equipment.

The products are readily used in automotive aftermarket workshops, and in tyre fitment centres across the country.

One of the most lucrative benefits of buying garage equipment from LaunchSA is that you are buying from an established brand with a proven record of product durability and efficiency.

For example, Launch’s Thinkcar MASTER 2 a professional multi-brand diagnostic equipment with online programing function that supports CAN FD Protocol and it supports the electric vehicles, latest vehicles and vehicles that will still be released. This specific car diagnostic tool provides full access to the professional functions for wide range of American, Asian and European car brands, combined with stable and accurate test data.


Launch Technologies SA’s prices are mostly favourable to the clients given that the company is the sole authorized importers of Launch products in South and Southern Africa.

In other words, the prices are desirable because it’s almost like buying direct from the factory since the market chain is cut.

Direct buying means the intermediary is not involved that’s completely eliminating the costs associated with the middleman, these cost savings are then shared between LaunchSA and the clients and essentially it is a win for both parties.

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