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THINKAR PROG2 advanced key and chip programmer is mainly used for reading/writing and learning car keys to the vehicle, it supports 1000+ commonly used ECU, MCU and EEPROM. The PROG2 is compatible with thinkcar advanced diagnostic tools, enables programming of infrared keys for Mercedes vehicles, generating special keys, BMW engine INS code reading, BMW CAS4+/FEM chip reading and writing, etc.

Thinktool Key Programmer V2

R19 923,75Price
  • Core Functions: Integrate key match/copying, car anti-theft chip reading and writing, car computer reading and writing functions in one. Supports common ECU/MCU/EEPROM more than 1000 different products and continuously updating. Support reading and writing Volkswagen’s/ Audi fourth-generation UDS engine chip. Support Volkswagen’s/Audi’s fourth-generation UDS engine replacement. Support reading and writing Volkswagen’s/ Audi MQB platforms engine replacement. Support the replacement or clone of Volkswagen/ Audi MQB platform gearbox. Support replacement of dashboard or steering column of VAG group MQB platform cars. Support replacement of dashboard of Volkswagen/ Audi without disassembly and data loss. Support the replacement of Audi fifth-generation gearbox ECU. Support BMW E, F, G chassis 8HP gearbox data clear. PROG is a powerful car key chip reading and writing anti-theft tool developed by THINKCAR. It’s widely used in automotive electronics industry, auto repair shops, locksmith and professional mechanics.

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