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Mechanic Tool Cart Kit (375Pcs)
TTH-375 is a solution for the vehicle machine maintenance. It not only has a full range of general-purpose tools, but also adds special tools for popular vehicle models. TTH-375 tool cart can both meet the demands of most vehicle models and used for special vehicles

Mechanic Tool Cart Kit (375Pcs)

R49 032,06Price
  • Complete tools, meeting the demands of most vehicle models.

    Added special socket sets for the popular vehicle mode.

    Guaranteed product quality,complete function,more cost-effective.

    Lifetime warranty including socket, screwdriver head, conventional wrench, screwdriver, pliers.

    Special tools are guaranteed for 12 months, the rest of the products are subject to the latest information.




    2pcs Flexible flexure picker/Dust gun.

    3pcs T-type hexagon socket wrench (8mm, 10mm, 12mm).

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