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Road Buck GT526 no Helping Arms


SKU: 35420.00
R37 191,00Price
  • Thickness is 15 mm wheel chuck parts, with the function of claw size fine adjustment, the claw can precise (fine) control at any position, convenient for clamp the wheel, to avoid accidental injury.

    Using 3mm thickness steel plate combined cabinet, firm structure, Weld concealment, beautiful appearance.

    180mm all-aluminium double-inlet tread separation cylinder, fully sealed design, low pressure supported, longer service life.

    Applicable to a small and medium car, tubeless tyres are available.

    Foot pneumatic valve piston rod assembly is made of pure steel, so the surface is more smooth and corrosion resistance, longer life. Drawer control assembly, simple structure, fast and easy maintenance.

    180mm diameter steel plated carved two-way intake tyre shoulder separation cylinder, wear-resisting, Rust and corrosion resistant, long service life.

    Using 3 mm thickness steel plate combined cabinet, firm structure, weld concealment, beautiful apprearance

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